Although the project plan stipulates that the M1 meeting within the implementation of the SHE LEADS project will take place in Sardinia, this activity was nevertheless implemented through the online platform Google Meet. The reason for this sequence, of course, is the COVID-19 virus pandemic. In these circumstances, in which travel to other countries is virtually unhealthy, the project team held its first meeting in the only possible way, online.  


Despite all the difficulties, the meeting was held at full capacity and with a complete agenda that was hiked for Sardinia. Of course, the part related to outdoor activity with the guide woman was absent, but all other elements of the meeting were carried out. 
The online meeting, which took place on 20 September, was the first of its allust. All members of the project team attended. The meeting was conducted in a constructive atmosphere and the main topics, in addition to meeting each other, were the presentation of the project as well as the presentation of the project management plan and the plan of internal monitoring and evaluation. In addition, topics important for the financial realization of the project, the development of questionnaires and the dissemination and visibility of the complete project were addressed. An indispensable theme was the ongoing pandemic and adaptation to different measures. 

The meeting was very successful, the complete agenda was implemented and further activities were agreed on the realization of the project. All members of the project team expressed hope that future activities on the project would be realised under different circumstances.