The Mountaineering and Ecological Association Korak from Zvornik organized a republican action on Mount Grkinja and a celebration of the anniversary of the association. Ten mountaineers from the Tara Mountaineering Club from Bajina Basta participated in this action, as well as many other clubs and associations. The trail was circular for about 15 km and about 650 meters of ascent and descent. On this beautiful attractive path we started from Drinjača towards Lješnje where Udrč (1042 m above sea level) stands out and we took a break there. Then we headed to the Borovnjak lookout point, where you can see Drina and Serbia. After a longer break on Borovnjak we head back to Drinjaca via Kostijerevo. Upon arrival in Drinjac, there is a social gathering and a joint lunch, which the host provided for all participants as well as a thank you note for the clubs and associations. The hosts perfectly organized this whole event and on behalf of all, a big thank you to the hosts until the next goodbye. All nature lovers who have not been encouraged to walk this beautiful attractive trail. Attaching a photo will tell us how it was.