Connecting mountaineering organisations along Via Dinarica trails…

Participation in the Erasmus + Sport Kick Off Conference in Brussels

30.01. on Erasmus + Sport 2020 Info Day and 31.01. at the Erasmus + Sport 2019 Kick-Off Conference we had a representative …

Gospic 2020 - The first meeting of the project team

8-09.02.2020. The first meeting of the Erasmus + Sport project’s Green Line of Reconnection project team was held in Gospuc, Croatia.

It is rumored…


Nature connects us … It is only ours to realize this project clearly …

– Mladenko Maric, President of PK Tara


It is a pleasure to work on a project you truly believe in …

– Nenad Lecic, Project Coordinator

Erasmus+ Sport

The Sport Chapter in the Erasmus+ Programme aims to support European partnerships on grassroots sport in order to pursue the following objectives:

Tackle cross-border threats to the integrity of sport, such as doping, match fixing and violence, as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination;

To promote and support good governance in sport and dual careers of athletes;

To promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all.

Focus is to be given to grassroots sport.

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M3 project meeting  in Sopotnica

M3 project meeting in Sopotnica

From 05th  to 08th of August in Sopotnica, an M3 project meeting was held within the Erasmus+ Sport project SHE LEADS. This meeting was hosted by the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. The initial plan was that candidates for mountain guide training, examples...

M2 project meeting in Maribor

M2 project meeting in Maribor

28-30. 05. 2021. In Maribor, Slovenia, was held a second project meeting within the Erasmus+ Sport Project SHE LEADS. Although this is the second meeting within the project, it is still the first time that all participants havemet live, since the first meeting, due to...

The first exchange project meeting in Gospic

The first exchange project meeting in Gospic

From 07-10.05.2021. the first exchange project meeting  within the Erasmus+ Sport project Green Line of Reconnection was held in Gospic, Croatia. Although this meeting was scheduled to be the third in a row, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the original plan,...