Mountaineering trails in the National Park Tara

Over 260km of pure mountaineering enjoyment, over 270 mountain signposts, new mountaineering maps… All of the aforementioned is the result of cooperation between the National Park Tara and the Mountaineering Club Tara, with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, through projects realised during 2015 and 2016. 

Simultaneously with the markation project and marking the trails, the Mountaineering Club Tara also worked on digitalisation of trails and installing pages with technical trails data, a trail map, height details and a GPS trekking download link. There is a suitable QR code on all signposts by the number of a matching trail, and by scanning the code one gets the address of the suitable page. Aside from the marked mountain trails, there are also the links to special combined trails obtained by matching the existing trails or their parts the links of which have already are also available by scanning the codes on the signposts. We have also emphasised four more viewpoints being nearby the numerated trails with suitable markation.


You can navigate the trails at your own risk! Mountaineering Club Tara assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of marking and signaling, as well as for the accuracy of the technical information on the hiking trails and the accuracy of GPS tracks available.