Saturday, April 17th, 2021.  At the Mountaineering Home “Carapicev brest in Avala, an interview was held with 26 candidates to attend subsidized training for acquiring the title of Category III mountain guide who made it through to the second round of grades. First, a competition was announced, with 69 applications coming in from all over Serbia. Following the evaluation of applications, 26 candidates with the highest number of points were selected for the interview.  

Each candidate had the opportunity to express her impressions and views regarding mountaineering and guide activities within minutes, as well as to express her personal views on the subject.  Based on interviews and previously stabbed applications, the commission selected the 12 best candidates to attend subsidized training. However, since all candidates have demonstrated exceptional levels of knowledge and communication skills, the Mountaineering Association of Serbia has decided to subsidise training for 6 other candidates, so a total of 18 candidates will receive the subsidy. After the interview ended, a joint lunch was held and all the candidates received small gifts.
It is with great pleasure that we can note that this phase of realization of the project is more than successful. We can safely claim that mountaineering in Serbia will get high quality female guides, which will greatly contribute to the popularisation of this sport among the female population.