The project significantly builds on the previous, successfully realised projects “A safe support” in 2016 and “Canyoning and rescue” in 2017.
The project entitled “CANYON 365” has been directed toward creating the necessary prerequisites for passing through the canyons throughout the year, with the accent on very bad weather conditions, high water levels and low temperatures.
Therefore, a procurement of neoprene suits, canyoning shoes and crampons was performed in September, by using the funds intended for project participation of the Ministry of Defence. Moreover, the required preparations for conducting the field work were made in September as well, with an action camera to be used for recording the unusual moments in the narrow canyons ominous surrounding.
The first field action was realised on Saturday, 6th October, in the Rača Canyon. A great number of our members was interested for this action; however, we had had to set the limit to 12 participants, due to the terrain specificities and club’s technical capacities. Along with using the neoprene suits, free movement through exceptionally cold water was ensured, and by using the equipment obtained via previous projects, such as the safety helmets, alpine safety belts, impreganated canyoning ropes, carabiners and descenders,  safe descending is enabled down the steep cliffs and waterfalls. The team has successfully performed the action and finished it within the envisioned time frame. It is worthwhile mentioning that it is known that by the end of the last century, passing through the Rača River Canyon was part of the final exam for the Royal Guard members.
Another action was performed by the end of October in Zaovine, in the Beli Rzav Canyon, by using somewhat thicker neoprene equipment and canyoning shoes. Water level in the canyon is usually higher and the temperature is constantly low all the way until reaching the end of the canyon. The equipment ensured by realising this project can be used for various recreational purposes, including the rescue actions, where our club participated on several occasions.


Project title: KANJON 365

Period of realisation: 01.09.-31.10.2018.

Total project value: 430.220,00

Co-funded by the Ministry of Defence of the RS: 366.400,00

Project Coordinator: Mladenko Marić

Project Team: Milisav Mijatović, Aleksandar Jezdić, Slađana Biljić, Dragana Vasić, Nenad Lečić