From the beginning of June until the end of August 2016, Mountaineering Club Tara, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, realised a project entitled “A safe support”.
The project deals with equipping the MC Tara with the basic gears required for alpine and rescue activities, as well as with popularising this segment of mountaineering. The club has been dealing with the lack of suitable equipment over the last couple of years, and therefore, there were very little such activities, leaving only enthusiasts with the chance to practice the more extreme type of mountain climbing who used their personal equipment. A chance for obtaining the required equipment occurred in the competition opened by the Human Resources Sector under the Ministry of Defence implemented by the Administration for tradition, standard and veterans. By signing the agreement and transferring the funds in May this year, conditions were created for the commencement of realisation. Procurement of technical equipment was conducted in June, and the field work was planned for July and August.
Members of the MC Tara with the completed alpine course of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia ran the programme of introducing the interested people with the basic climbing and descending techniques on a vertical rock. The interest of the participants overcame the envisioned number of participants by the project, and therefore, persons responsible for realisation gave their best to ensure introduction to these technical mountain climbing techniques for all interested people. All participants were provided with transport, lunch and refreshments. It should be noted that new, top quality attested equipment has been obtained via this project, such as the ropes, safety belts, descenders, tinsels, safety gloves and helmets. 
All results envisioned by the project have successfully been realised, and the club is currently having the equipment which can be used for both sports and rescue purposes. 


Project title:  A SAFE SUPPORT

Realisation period: 01/06-31/08/2016

Total project value: 277.090,00

Co-funded by the Ministry of Defence of the RS: 251.890,00

Project coordinator: Nenad Lečić

Project team: Mladenko Marić, Milisav Mijatović, Aleksandar Jezdić