The Mountaineering Club Tara is organising a project  once again this year in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia. The Project “Tara 2017 – Canyoning and Rescuing”  has been supported by the Ministry of Defence as a project of importance for national defence.
Just like last year, our club has applied on a competition opened by the Human Resources Sector of the Ministry of Defence, implemented by the Administration for tradition, standard and veterans. Last year, we managed to successfully realise a project called “A Safe Support” which was a good starting position for preparing the project “Tara 2017 – Canyoning and Rescuing”. A specific field configuration in the National Park Tara is the principle reason for which we have competed with the suggested proposition. A large number of inaccessible small river canyons and creeks end in the impressive canyon of the Drina River, and we have tried to solve the issue of canyon accessibility under regular and emergency circumstances.
By giving support to the project, the Ministry of Defence funded the purchase of two quality rubber boats, ropes adapted for wet use, assisting safety equipment and active t-shirts for the terrain activities participants. Transport, food and other logistic activities in the field were funded by our club.
Two activities involving passing through the canyon were organised. The first, technically easier, was realised on 17th September, by passing through the Grlac canyon. Considering the canyon properties, it was possible passing through the canyon with a large group of 29 participants, most of whom were for the first time ever in such a specific natural surroundings. The other activity, in the Brusnice Canyon, was realised on 30th September, by passing through this much more demanding canyon of our seven-member team. By using the equipment procured not only for this project, but also for the last year project, a high level of safety has been ensured for all the activities participants.
All the equipment purchased through this project can be used for rescuing actions in the same or similar, hard-to-reach terrains. Unfortunately, the equipment we obtained last year, we used for pulling out a body in the Veliki kraj area.



Realisation period: 20/08-30/09/ 2017

Total project value: 314.700,00

Co-funded by the Ministry of Defence of the RS: 313.100,00

Project coordiantor: Mladenko Marić

Project team: Nenad Lečić, Slađana Biljić, Milisav Mijatović, Aleksandar Jezdić