Mountaineering Club Tara from Bajina Basta organized the mountaineering action “Big Stolac for the Big Man”, now traditional in honor of our friend Milenko Josipovic, as part of the European Mobility Week event. A heavier and lighter variant was organized, and together we found ourselves at the highest Tara peak, Veliki Stolac (1673 m above sea level). The heavier variant was a total length of 13 kilometers and 1000 meters of ascent. It started from Predov Cross via Omar and Stula to Veliki Stolac (1673 meters above sea level). The lighter variant was 11 kilometers long and 500 meters uphill. It started from Sjenica via Kapetanova voda and Dugi dol to Veliki Stolac (1673 meters above sea level). As we have stated at Veliki Stolac we found ourselves, where we enjoyed the beautiful views towards Visegrad, Drina … From Veliki Stolac (1673 meters above sea level) we all headed together to Sjenica via Dugi Dol and Captain’s water, where transportation was waiting for us. There were 38 participants at this action, 7 of them from the Gučevo Mountaineering Club from Loznica, 3 from the Skitanje Association from Valjevo, and the rest of the team were our mountaineers. A wonderful action that will be remembered, and of course it should be noted that the 3 youngest members of our club (Mateja Josipovic, Ognjen Lazic and Andreja Jovanovic) have successfully crossed the difficult path.