The “GREEN LINE OF RECONNECTION” (GLOR) is working to improve the cooperation of mountain clubs in the Balkans by improving mobility, communication and the exchange of good practice between volunteers, mountain guides and other sports professionals.

The project relies on the VIA DINARICA regional project, whose slogan “naturally connects” is precisely the idea of ​​the basis for easier achievement of the set goal. GLOR is a project co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + Sport program. The developer of the project is Mountaineering Club “Tara” Bajina Basta, Serbia, and partners are the Cycling and Hiking Association “Hey, the bush forward” Maribor, Slovenia and Mountaineering Association “Željezničar” Gospić, Croatia.

 A key part of the project is the organization of three multi-day transnational events, one in each partner country. They will present organizations, examples of good practice, as well as mountain areas where partner organizations perform most of their activities. Particular emphasis is placed on marking the green Via Dinarica route, which naturally connects all partner countries.

A very important aspect of this project is the dissemination of information to other mountaineering organizations. In addition to promotion in various media on social networks, project partners will also continuously promote at major mountain gatherings in the region. Increasing interest and establishing direct contact between clubs from different Balkan countries achieves long-term sustainability of project results.